The Steem Studios

The Internet is we know if is not perfect. It is vulnerable to censorship, demonetization, content integrity and security. The Steem Blockchain is the world first content-Blockchain, in that it is mainly focused on content and social engagement.

While Steem is has weaknesses, it does address the issue of content integrity and censorship well, and does have some other remarkable prospects which attracted us to develop on it.

Our hope is for a future where people cannot be censored, and the integrity of content cannot be compromised. To that end, we build platforms, apps and services on and around the Steem Blockchain to make this a reality.


In addition to our platforms, apps and services, we formed the Steem Institute; a community-focused development, promotional and resourceful initiative.

Together we have developed the most powerful Steem account manager app and its Chrome extension companion; Steem Command, open source tools to utilities for developers; Steem SDK, run a beginner resource site; Steem Beginner, developed and maintain a community portal; Steemian and more.

Team and community

Steem Studios is founded and managed by Makafui George Dzivenu, who is also the lead developer.

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Steem Studios is NOT affiliated with Steemit Inc, the company behind the Steem Blockchain. We are an independent enterprise that enjoys building practical applications and solutions on the Steem Blockchain.

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